The conference is being held at:
Portland First Church of the Nazarene
6100 SW Raab Road, Portland, Oregon

Getting to Portland
Portland International Airport (code: PDX) has a MAX train right outside baggage claim that runs into downtown Portland and to Beaverton for $2.50. Portland is served by Lyft, Uber, and many cab companies. We suggest that, in order to save money, take the MAX to downtown Portland or Beaverton (depending on the lodging you choose) and then take a car the rest of the way. You could also choose to rent a car at PDX.

The conference is held in a church in the SW hills of Portland, the Portland First Church of the Nazarene at 6100 SW Raab Road in Portland, OR. Many people are staying in Air BnBs in SW Portland.

The closest hotel in Beaverton is the Shilo Inn. We are negotiating a group rate.  Kings and double queens will be $124 per night, and this rate is available from June 15-July 1.  We will be running a shuttle from the Shiloh Inn to the conference site.  More information on how to access the group rate is coming soon!

A bare-bones hotel near the conference site is the Rodeway Inn and Suites. Rates are about $80-$100.

Downtown hotels range in price from budget to quite spendy.
The Econo Lodge downtown is a budget hotel. Rates are about $180.
The Travelodge downtown is a budget hotel. Rates are about $160.

There are several Air BnBs available near the conference site. We have started a facebook group exclusively for conference participants looking to share accommodations (and split costs). These would be best accessed with a rental car. The church has ample parking on site.
Option One
Option Two
Option Three
Option Four
Option Five
Stay in an Airstream Trailer!

Our presenters are staying in the historic, hip Mississippi district in NE Portland. It is chock-a-block coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and watering holes of all types. Stay there and carpool with them! You would have to get up early but the neighborhood is worth it and you could have a chance to meet our presenters in the van.
Option One
Option Two
Option Three
Option Four
Stay in a tiny house that rotates!

Breakfast: We will serve Stumptown coffee, bagels, and cream cheese each day. On Wednesday, we will have Voodoo doughnuts as a welcome treat.
Lunch: Monday and Tuesday we will provide boxed lunches. Wednesday through Friday we will provide hot lunch options from food trucks in the parking lot of the church.
Snacks: We will provide light snacks each afternoon.
Water: We will provide a conference water bottle. You can fill it from the filtered water in the church. Portland’s tap water is clean and delicious.
There is a refrigerator in the church if you want to bring your own snacks or beverages.

Relax and Recharge
We will have daily yoga, meditation, and martial arts practice, in Spanish, English, and Cherokee!

If you need assistance with any logistics, please email Tina at tinahargaden AT gmail dot com. She will be happy to help you!



There are several options depending upon whether you sign up for one of the pre-conference workshops:

Pay for the conference only (Wed-Fri) here.
$300 ($285 with Buddy Discount for two or more)
After paying please REGISTER HERE.

Attend Mike Peto’s Natural Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Spanish pre-conference workshop on Monday and Tuesday before the conference. You will need to sign up for the conference above if you want to also attend Wed-Fri.
$245 ($195 is also attending the conference)

Attend Elissa McLean’s Beginning Spanish pre-conference workshop on Monday and Tuesday before the conference. You will need to sign up for the conference above if you want to also attend Wed-Fri.
$245 ($195 if also attending the conference)

For Annabelle Allen’s pre-conference workshop “No Plan Lesson Planning” on Monday and Tuesday:
Attend pre-conference workshop ONLY (not Wed-Fri)
$400 for pre-conference only
Attend pre-conference Workshop AND Conference (Mon-Fri)
$600 Package Deal
After paying please REGISTER here for Annabelle Allen’s Pre-Conference Workshop

CI Without Stress! Pre-Conference Workshop With Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden
Pay Here for pre-conference workshop ONLY (no conference, only Mon-Tue)
$400 for pre-conference only
Pay Here for both pre-conference workshop + Conference) (Mon-Fri)
$600 Package Deal
After paying please REGISTER here for Ben and Tina’s Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshops

This year, I have thrown myself feet first into teaching Comprehensible Input completely un-targeted. It was a huge leap of faith for me, but after several weeks I realized that it was actually more comfortable for me than the traditional “targeted” ways I had been used to teaching. The biggest change has been in my planning and preparation. I plan 10% as much as I used to, and my lessons are even more engaging than they used to be. Come join us in Oregon a little early! Join me in my pre-conference workshop and learn the different ways I have developed teaching with non-targeted CI. Learn how to be a pretzel and adapt to the wants, needs, and curiosities of all of your different student populations! I promise you will be entertained (that is a guarantee!) and you will walk away with countless ideas of how to implement AWESOME, un-targeted, compelling, comprehensible input in your classroom! You will cut your planning time in half! At least! Come have fun with me! YAY!

Annabelle Allen, a.k.a. La Maestra Loca, is a passionate Spanish teacher at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in New Orleans, Louisiana. While she is most passionate about Middle School, she has taught at all levels. She enjoys helping students of ALL ages acquire Spanish, rather than just learn it. Her goal for her students, children and adults is communication and joy. Last summer Annabelle was a Learning Lab teacher at iFLT in Chattanooga, TN. Since then she has found a new passion in mentoring and coaching other teachers in CI methodologies.

No-Plan Lesson Planning! Pre-Conference Workshop June 26-27
With La Maestra Loca (Annabelle Allen)
Special Price $200 through June 12, $300 after, limited to 28 participants.
Pay Here for Pre-Conference Workshop Only
Pay Here for Package Discount (Pre-Conference Workshop + Conference)
After paying please REGISTER here for Annabelle Allen’s Pre-Conference Workshop

Take your Spanish to a new level with this two-day intensive with Mike Peto. This class will also be interesting to language teachers who want to experience what a class based on non-targeted comprehensible input feels like in upper levels. Mike will draw upon strategies such as creating One Word Images, Story Listening, Write and Discuss, working with the show “Gran Hotel”, and even cooking (in Spanish of course!). Prepare to be dazzled and entertained by Mike Peto’s class.

Mike writes: “I will be using non-targeted techniques (as is the theme of the conference) so we will be using many of the techniques that are in Ben´s latest book as well as movie talk, story listening and even some experiential learning in the kitchen if I can find the perfect recipe (I considered having a tamalada like my heritage students do with their families, but realized it would probably eat up too much time). While our focus is providing interesting input for participants, I also want to sneak in enough fascinating, culturally authentic stories (told orally) from Latin America and Spain that teachers will leave inspired to teach higher level courses. You will leave our two day class with tons of things to follow up on in order to continue acquiring Spanish.

While there are no targets per se, you will certainly be exposed to advanced structures. I use the subjunctive, both present and past, with my level one students in high school. Perfect tenses, conditional phrases, formal as well as informal registers all surface in class within a comprehensible context that does not emphasize grammar.

Note: this advanced Spanish course is NOT designed for native speakers or teachers who already speak at an ACTFL Superior proficiency level. The ideal student for this class is a Spanish teacher who would like to develop the confidence to teach AP, IB and/or classes for heritage learners. Also open to non Spanish teachers interested in upping their Spanish skills.

Advanced Spanish for Non-Native Teachers Pre-Conference Workshop on Monday & Tuesday (June 26-27) with Mike Peto offered in conjunction with Express Fluency
Early Bird price $195 for conference participants until May 14 and $225 after, limited to 28 participants.
Registration and Payment through Express Fluency. Please click here.
If you would like to also attend the conference (Wed-Fri) please pay for the conference (Wed-Fri) here and after paying please REGISTER HERE.

This conversational Spanish class will get you understanding and speaking Spanish with ease. With our Comprehensible-Input based approach to language teaching, you will feel like you are “absorbing” the language like a young child and soon will find that you are understanding and speaking Spanish effortlessly. The class draws upon 100s of words that are similar or the same in both languages and draws upon research-based strategies to help get the language into your long-term memory. Recommended for novice Spanish learners- but also great for someone who has studied Spanish conventionally for years but struggles in conversation.

Beginning Spanish Pre-Conference Workshop on Monday & Tuesday (June 26-27)
With Elissa McLean offered in conjunction with Express Fluency
Early Bird price $195 for conference participants until May 14 and $225 after, limited to 28 participants.
Registration and Payment through Express Fluency. Please click here.
If you would like to attend the conference (Wed-Fri) as well please pay for the conference (Wed-Fri) here and after paying please REGISTER HERE.

Two days of modeling and coaching on easy peasy student-centered comprehensible input! Learn to work with student-created artwork through One Word Images, Five and Seven Level Stories, the Invisibles, and student jobs. Experience the techniques as a student, then receive coaching in using them, with a focus on body awareness, using emotion in your teaching, and making yourself comprehensible without being formulaic or boring. The cost includes light breakfast and lunch both days and Ben’s Big CI Book. Registration is limited to 22 people to ensure plenty of time for coaching.

CI Without Stress! Pre-Conference Workshop June 26-27
With Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden
$350 until May 14 and $400 after – limited to 28 participants
Pay Here for Pre-Conference Workshop Only
Pay Here for Package Discount (Pre-Conference Workshop + Conference)
After paying please REGISTER here for Ben and Tina’s Pre-Conference Workshop

Model Language Classes

You have a choice; either be a student of a lesser taught language and experience language acquisition as your students will (effortlessly and without struggle) OR observe real children in model language classes.

Be a student of Korean

janet-kyungJanet Kyung is a teacher and vice-principal at Oregon Korean School, a weekend community language school located in Portland, OR. She has worked with both heritage and second language students for the past nine years. She also teaches at Baker Prairie Middle School – the first Oregon public school to offer Korean as a world language. Discovering CI and TPRS has given her a renewed passion for sharing her native tongue with students. It has also helped her to connect with other world language teachers wanting to acquire the Korean language through CI. This session will be facilitated by Tina Hargaden.

Be a student of Arabic

Since 2008, Fadi Abughoush has been teaching Arabic as a foreign language to students from grades 8 through 12 at Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago. He developed and implemented an Arabic language curriculum and also takes pride in incorporating aspects of Arab culture (including music, art, film, poetry, literature, and cuisine) throughout his teaching and work with students. At Lindblom, he helped establish Chicago’s first Arabic V course (during the 2014-15 school year). He is the Co-founder of #arabiclangchat on Twitter . He believe in learning language with TPRS and comprehensible input. In March 2014, and 2016 he led Lindblom’s Arabic debate team to the International Schools Arabic Debate Championship Competition in Doha, Qatar. This year he was part of the team who created the WL Guidance Document for Chicago Public Schools. Currently, he is the Language Department Chair and he serves also as a member of the Teacher Advisory Board for Al- Masdar. This session will be facilitated by Mike Peto.

Be a student of Cherokee

Wade Blevins was born in the small Cherokee community of Butler, near Jay, Oklahoma. He is a member of the Squirrel Ridge Ceremonial Grounds. Although he considers himself a second language learner, his grandfather was a first language Cherokee speaker and he was surrounded by his language most of his childhood. Wade obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Spanish Education from Oklahoma City University and his Masters in Education also from OCU. Wade’s first teaching job was in Cherokee, North Carolina, which was part of the original homeland of his people. After teaching a year in North Carolina, Wade returned home to teach Spanish and Cherokee in his hometown of Jay, Oklahoma. For the past 11 years, Wade has worked for Cherokee Nation in the Education department helping with his tribe’s language revitalization efforts. Wade is an award winning Native artist and writer, having written 7 children’s books on Cherokee culture. He is also very involved in his tribe’s ceremonies and has served as a ceremonial singer and leader from an early age. Wade feels like CI techniques will be the key to helping his people pass their language down to the next generation. With the support of Cherokee Nation and other partners, Wade recently organized the IGNITE conference, the nation’s first CI conference specifically for Native language educators in June 2017. This session will be facilitated by Ben Slavic.

Observe children in a model Elementary Spanish class

In this class, elementary-age students will acquire Spanish naturally while engaging in creative group activities! On the first day, we will spend time to getting to know each other with a simple Q&A session, using comprehensible input strategies. Profe Loba will guide her students to create characters and stories that are unique and engaging. In addition, Profe Loba loves to include elements of culture through storytelling in Spanish, focusing on traditional tales, myths, and folklore. Profe Loba’s energy and passion for language will most certainly be seen as she guides her students towards acquiring the language in a respectful manner.

Kristen ND Wolf or “Profe Loba” is an energetic and passionate elementary and middle level Spanish teacher in Bozeman, MT. She uses culturally relevant and compelling stories to build relationships with her students. Through art, drama and community-building, creativity-building lessons, Kristen watches her students excel and mature with pride!! Originally from Washington DC, Profe Loba has embraced the wild west as her new home with her two lovely children, supportive husband and two dogs. She is involved in community theatre and she brings that zest and theatricality to her classroom. She is truly and deeply honored to be a part of Comprehensible Cascadia and we are happy to have her here.

Observe children in an intermediate French class:

Anna Gilcher is an intellectually-engaged and heart-centered language educator. She works with her students to weave a web of connections that bring language, culture, and story to life. In addition to teaching French to students of all ages and training teachers in CI, Anna is Academic Director for the Aumazo, Inc. tutoring program in Bankondji, Cameroon. She also serves as a coach and presenter at the NTPRS conference.

After teaching at the university level, Anna found a particular calling in middle and high school French at Barrie School in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she served as World Language Department Chair. Under her leadership, the department underwent a complete transformation: the teachers adopted a common CI approach, added AP French and AP Spanish Language and Culture courses, and began a teacher-coaching program under Anna’s guidance. Anna is also a certified InterPlay leader, a dedicated practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a licensed lay preacher in the Episcopal Church, a committed yogi, and a graduate of the Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program.

Conference sessions

Conference Day 1:
Wednesday Morning 3 hour Workshops (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Wednesday Morning Option 1: Free Voluntary Reading with Mike Peto
Learn strategies to guide students to be engaged, independent readers. Gain idea for building your classroom library, creating texts for students to read, and differentiating your reading program to meet all kinds of readers. More information to come.

Wednesday Morning Option 2: Brain Breaks with Annabelle Allen
ACTFL says we should be spending 90% of class time in the TL. That means our students are demanded to be active listeners and participants in a highly rigorous environment. Brain Breaks should be used as classroom management tools, and enthusiasm and community builders! Teachers will be confident in using Brain Breaks frequently during class. Learn how to seamlessly integrate Brain Breaks into the quality input of class. Get your students up, moving, laughing, smiling, and building community – all in the language! You will learn community-building classroom management strategies that will have you saying, “Wow that was a fast class period!” more often than you ever thought possible!

Wednesday Morning Option 3: Write and Discuss & Reading Options with Tina Hargaden
Ever wonder what to give students to read in beginning classes, before ANYTHING is comprehensible? Or what to give your students who struggle with novels during free reading time? Or how to freshen up your class library when the money ran out five months ago? Learn literacy strategies that address those common problems. Create a story and a written account of the story. Helping re-tell the story and watching it be written is like glue for students’ brains. Then we can move into Ben Slavic’s 21 Reading Options to provide literacy extension activities. Working with our own characters and reading our own stories is quite engaging.

Wednesday Morning Option 4: Multilingual ≠ Multicultural: Challenging Assumptions in the World Language Classroom with Rachelle Adams & Anna Gilcher
Language educators are uniquely poised to be leaders in creating multicultural schools and communities, but we are often given a pass because we assume multiculturalism is inherent to multilingualism. Multiculturalism helps us recognizes differences and similarities that exist in various cultures, and supports equity and social justice. We will explore the differences between multilingualism and multiculturalism and where they intersect. Teachers will leave with concrete strategies and skills to build empowering, multicultural classrooms.

Wednesday Morning Option 5: One Word Image and Stories with the Invisibles with Ben Slavic
The One Word Image process trains the class in working together to use their imaginations and build original characters as a group. It creates group cohesion and also gives each class invisible “mascots”, unique and usually well-loved characters. Students are not consciously aware of listening to another language yet they are acquiring high-frequency words and structures through fun and painless repetitions. Create a One Word Image and then take the character the class built on a journey using a seven-level questioning sequence. The Invisibles bring a lot of fun and engagement to any level of language class and are especially well-suited for beginning the year.

Thursday afternoon
Session A (1:15 – 2:15 PM)

  • Equity in Instruction Roundtable with Jacqueline Miller-Perry, Haydee Taylor-Arnold, Rachelle Adams & Jon Cowart
  • Output in an INPUT Classroom with Annabelle Allen
  • One Word Images & Stories with the Invisibles Part One with Tina Hargaden
  • Storytelling in Cherokee with Wade Blevins
  • Coaching with Ben Slavic

    Thursday afternoon
    Session B (2:30 – 3:30 PM)

  • Creating a Cultural Treasure Trove: Teaching Culture Without Stereotyping with Rachelle Adams
  • Telenovelas in Level 1 – Why Hoard Your Best Materials for Upper Levels? with Mike Peto
  • One Word Images & Stories with the Invisibles Part Two with Tina Hargaden
  • Get to Know Your Students and Build Community – A Questioning Path to Inclusion with Jon Cowart
  • Coaching with Ben Slavic

    Friday afternoon
    Session A (1:15 – 2:15 PM)

  • Assessment for Equity Roundtable with Haydee Taylor-Arnold, Rachelle Adams, & Jon Cowart
  • Classroom Management with Annabelle Allen
  • Focus on Heritage Learners of Spanish with Mike Peto
  • Assess What Matters – Assessment Tools and Methods with Tina Hargaden
  • Coaching with Ben Slavic

    Friday afternoon
    Session B (2:30 – 3:30 PM)

  • AP Success Strategies – Grow Your Upper-Level Program with Equity in Mind with Jon Cowart
  • Body and Voice – Skills for Comprehensibility with Tina Hargaden
  • No-Plan Lesson Planning with Annabelle Allen
  • Building a Program, Lesson by Lesson, Unit by Unit
  • Coaching with Ben Slavic